Writing | Awkwardness

Hey guys, take a seat, settle in, and get ready for some exceptional advice on how to not be awkward. So you’re awkward - or you think you’re awkward. Guess what - everyone is awkward, some are just better at hiding it - or some are just caffeinated to the point where the nervousness doesn’t... Continue Reading →


Writing | One-Liners

Now presenting... an ongoing series of comedic phrases: "For $5,000, name this popular film directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter." "Guinea pigs are just pocket-sized capybaras." "There is one positive to people seeing me sad... it reminds them to cheer the %#@& up." "Capybaras are the Snoop Dogg of the... Continue Reading →

Writing | Elevators

Do you fear that awkward silence when you are in an elevator with a stranger? Do you fear that they’ll say something about the weather or sports? Fear no more, introverts! I have forever obliterated the need for small talk by compiling a list of phrases you can say the next time you are in an... Continue Reading →

Writing | Flossing

The day finally arrives, and you are standing in front of those pearly white gates. No, you’re not standing in front of Oprah’s house - you’re in heaven. You quickly discover that upon entering heaven, that it is similarly structured to the entrance of an amusement park. You walk up to the check-in desk to... Continue Reading →

Design | KC Travel Campaign

Explore Kansas City is a fictional campaign that previews notable scenes from around Kansas City. The goal of the campaign is to engage, and draw people into exploring the different parts of the city.  

Writing | College vs. Prison

(I would like to add a brief disclaimer that my intention for this passage is to give a humorous perspective towards college, and am no way intending for it to sound negative, or to dissuade the masses from pursuing higher education) I can’t help but compare aspects of college to prison. Before you ask if... Continue Reading →

Photography | Paris Noir

In the summer of 2016, I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to Paris, France with my school's art department. Enjoy this black and white collection of photos I captured on my iPhone.      

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